Saturday, July 9, 2011

A coalition in distress for power expressing '' DISTRESS'' with piracy!!

Since David Granger is so vocal on tackling piracy he should also detail for us how his GDF and Coastguards dealt with the scourge of piracy when he was a Brigadier in Burnham's army.
He could also further enlighten us as to how the GDF and GPF cleared the streets and waterways of Guyana back then. How they were cleared of robbery, murder and rape; but then again, he already said that he has nothing to apologise for.

In Burnham's time there was never a free press and the muzzle was so tightly drawn that all the atrocities and corruption within the Police and Armed forces were never publicized. There were many instances when persons were made to purchase milk powder that was donated to the country by the UN's world food program for free distribution. Most UN donations went to the armed forces and to the KSIs to be sold. During that time the Coast Guard would stop any fishing boat at will and demand some "Praggs","Perks" and other needs. So Granger really needs to explain how his GDF dealt with piracy.

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