Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It was Ramjattan who introduced Ramotar to embattled businessman Ed Ahmad

Ramjattan and Ed Ahmad

PPP Presidential candidate Donald Ramotar in an interview with the media today was asked to respond to AFC Presidential candidate and former PPP executive member, Khemraj Ramjattan's claims that embattled businessman Ed Ahmad funded the PPP's 2011 campaign. Ramotar said that he is sruprised that Ramjattan now finds Ed Ahmad to be a questionable character given that it was he (Ramjattan) who introduced Ahmad to him (Ramotar) whilst a member of the PPP. He said that during the introduction Ramjattan sang high praises for Ahmad and also spoke glowingly of his (Ahmad's) character.

Ramotar also highlighted the fact that Ramjattan's exit from the PPP was precipitated by concerns expressed by himself and late former President Janet Jagan about Ramjattan's association with drug dealers and other criminal elements whilst being a member of parliament and PPP executive committee member.

He said that while he's not denying knowing Ed Ahmad, Ahmad is not a financier of the PPP nor a member of that party.

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