Friday, July 29, 2011


Education Minister Shaik Baksh today secured an injunction against the Kaieteur News....
Stay tuned..........more details to follow

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  1. That's not surprising based on Kaieteur News track record in sensationalising the news all the time. Is Kaieteur News going to claim that the "Government is after them"?

    All of these critics are breaking the law. Someone should sue Propaganda Press for using the pictures of Minister's very young children and having people place sexual comments on them. That is disgraceful. I heard Christopher Ram and Mark Benschop is aware of the operators of Propaganda Press. Sherlina Nageer was the operant and she stopped since she got exposed. Can you spot the similarities between Ena Ram and Sherlina Nageer?

    It's when they are guilty they are writing letters proclaiming their "innocence".

    The Government isn't after anyone. There are laws in place to maintain order. You know what Freddie Kissoon and Guyanese-terrorist Mark Benschop would have done to Mandela Dumpsite if police didn't arrive to arrest them?

    Ask Mark Benschop or Freddie Kissoon if they could jaywalk at New York or Los Angeles without being arrested? There are laws. Yes people have the right to protest. But at a certain place with an intent to use non-physical means and peace.

    It's no use telling the critics because they are going to bring PNC story, WPA story, indentureship times, slavery times, the creation of earth and other bunch of topics not related to the question.