Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Christopher Ram's East Coast Mansion!!!

At first glance anyone would confuse this sprawling mansion, built on 10 hectares of land, equipped with a lawn tennis court, swimming pool, 4 car garage and located on the Ogle Access Road, with that of the home of local entrepreneur or a drug baron. However, this is the home chartered accountant Christopher Ram shares with his family. Are you surprised?


  1. Christopher ram is evil and has sex with asmita chand in his mansion and he sodomizes little boys from school of the nations.nsion and he sodomizes little boys from school of the nations.

  2. This is unbelievable!!! The same insane accountant whom Freddie Kissoon praises and worships as a social activist has a huge mansion for him to enjoy himself in. His family lives at Lascala Drive, Windermere Florida in a 5 BEDROOM, ONE POOL, THREE CAR GARAGE LUXURY MANSION in ONE OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE NEIGHBOURHOODS IN FLORIDA. I suggest that Christopher Ram should provide details of his income to the Guyana Revenue Authority and someone should report this highly suspicious accounting dealings to the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in the United Kingdom so that they can investigate this matter. Christopher Ram surely collects monies from questionable sources to purchase those mansions at Ogle and Florida. The tax authorities should investigate Christopher Ram. The public should also be aware of his relationship with Asmita Chand a former employee of Ram & Mc Rae. Can I request that you provide more details of his relationship with Asmita Chand?

  3. Oh my !!! What a mansion !! Did Chris Ram collect the proceeds from Salim Juman Azeez's tilapia and backtrack business?

  4. Christopher Ram and his family members in more depth:

    Ena Ram- was abused by Christopher Ram and had her vaginal hairs plucked.

    Ravendra Ram-paid a Kaieteur News employee to publish a letter attacking the website that revealed Christopher Ram dealings in May, 2011.

    Chris Ram Junior- Parties with numerous booty call girls and contracted STDs.

    Christoff Ram- A cocksucker and was molested by his father in 2004.

    Christelle Ram- She lost her virginity to her father.

    Chrisette Ram- she sucks dick for many boys in her school.

    Asmita Chand- collects drug money from Chris Ram.

    Melissa Ram- her father trafficks young girls. She currently is at school of the nations.

  5. Well this int no surprise to me cause i have seen the pictures of his son lavish life in the US and this man has being doing a lot of under hand business over the years and also involve in the drug trade.

  6. Ramesh seebarran is christopher ram accomplice in the GLTA and his wife esther and daughter rachel take good shafting from their client salim azeez.

  7. My name is Ena, I'm the abused wife of Chris Ram. In the coming weeks I will expose how evil and abusive he has been to me and our children. All will be revealed in the Divorce Affidavit.

    Everything including how he kicked me in my belly when I was pregnant and how he wanted to pluck the hair off my Vagina with a tweeser and how he almost drove our son to suicide. All will be revealed. I was not happy in these pictures. He threatened to stop paying for the children's education and upkeep. I had to pretend we had a good marriage, but inside I was dying. We are all scared of him. He threatens and abuses us then in bouts of remorse he would buy us things. You will see the real Chris Ram soon