Thursday, July 7, 2011

Disagreement forces push back of APNU official launch

The official launch of APNU was scheduled to take place on Friday July 8th(tomorrow) at the Pegasus Hotel, however Liveinguyana understands that disagreement between the PNCR and several of the parties in this grouping have forced its launch to be pushed back to July 15th.
No agreement has been reached as yet over the prime ministerial candidacy as some members are not in support of the idea of having Rupert Roopnarine for this position.

There is also still no agreement on a formula to be used for the allocation of seats after the election results are declared while some members are peeved that Corbin and the others went to the media before any major decisions were reached.


  1. Well it is just a start cause has it comes down to election the PNC or the ANPU has they call it will face more disagreement along the line.

  2. Well once you got the PNC in the mix there will always have confusion and disagreement in the group and it has began.