Monday, July 11, 2011

Mark Archer dissmised by Burnham for stealing Pork

Does it surprise anyone that David Granger's PR agent is Mark Archer, a former GDF officer who was dismissed by the Burnham administration after he was found to be a part of a racket which stole Army ration? Nope! It shouldn't. The army found that Archer and several of his squaddies stole several slabs of pork, bags of wheat flour, cornmeal, corned beef (all items that were banned) which were available for use by senior army officers, including David Granger. Archer now lives in North America from where he functions as Granger's PR agent. He floods the local newspapers with letters attacking critics whilst supporting Granger.

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  1. Smh!! These people is come and try to show people a difference face and they are the ones for putting some of the guyanese people through the struggle that they endure in the PNC time.