Monday, July 18, 2011

Corbin's resort to a dunce like Kimberly Ann Bailey to do his PR work highlights new lows in the party's history.

Kimberly Ann Bailey lists her sexual preference on her Facebook page

The fact that the PNC/APNU has to resort to a dunce like Kimberly Ann Bailey to do its PR work via the letter pages of the local dailies is testimony to the level that party has sunk under the leadership of Robert Corbin. Bailey's attempt to refute St Cuthbert's Mission Toshao, Ernest Dundas' claim that under the People’s Progressive Party /Civic Government, his village has seen numerous developments in infrastructure, health care, education, the delivery of potable water, electricity, as well as ICT training was riddled with grammatical errors which was further compounded by her apparent inability to differentiate between the use of the words 'right' and 'write'.

To make up for his alienation of more intellectually endowed section of the PNC Corbin was forced to elevate persons not known to be in possession of academic qualifications of any sort. A typical case in mind is the filling of the PNC's parliamentary seat vacated after the untimely death of Winston Murray by Joan Baveghems, a protester. Vanessa Kissoon another PNC MP sits at PNC press briefings and is noted for her unsavory conduct and promiscuous behaviour. To add further insult to injury Kimberly Ann Bailey, as is shown in the picture above lists her sexual preference as being both men and women.


  1. The PNC take people to do their works just cause thy know them and sources say that he and this girl are having a affair.....SMH

  2. The PNC don't look at qualification once you have been around them for a period of time they take you to do a job.and these people don't have a clue about what it they have to do.

  3. Well this must be Corbin lil girlfriend that's why they have her doing the PR work and she is bad at it.