Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Ministry of National Mobilisation was an abuse of State resources not Ramotar's appointment.

All this nonsense about Ramotar's travels with the President as his advisor being a misuse of the state's resources needs to stop. A real misuse of state resources was when the PNC while in government had a Ministry of National Mobilisation and they had funds dedicated to financing party activities. Back then every state corporation had to write a cheque and send to the PNC. The PNC party flag flew at the High Court and paramountcy of the party ruled supreme.

But what is shocking is that the very David Granger, then Burnham's point man in the army, was chief theoretician and advocate for the doctrine paramountcy for the party.


  1. This country was milk of its fum when the PNC was in power the economy had collapse putting Guyana has 1 of the poorest country in the hemisphere.And now they are look to make this a issue.

  2. These people don't realize that the party has all of support and these trips could be support by some of the supporters so their arguments are meaningless and is out to misleading the public.