Thursday, July 28, 2011

The GPA's biased response to Neil Marks' arrogant and intimidatory behaviour should be condemned

The speed of the Guyana Press Association's response to Neil Marks' arrogant and intimidatory behaviour at a press conference hosted by Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon yesterday came as no surprise to Liveinguyana.
As we have long held the view that this non-functional grouping of media practitioners is an extension of the Opposition.

The GPA's current beef is over what it termed "the intimidating presence of a presidential guard at Dr. Luncheon’s press" which it saw as an attempt to intimidate Marks.
This biased account is the complete opposite of the very antagonistic Neil Marks we saw at the press conference, who was by no means, intimidated by the presence of the security.
In fact Marks displayed little respect for the moderator, his fellow reporters(whom he interrupted) and the two senior government officials present at the press briefing.
Perhaps it was Marks himself who wrote the GPA's press release given that he is an Executive member of the body. The GPA through this release did not even pretend to be objective by trying to investigate the incident, instead it issued a statement minutes after accusing the administration of some perceived wrong doing whilst failing to take into account the erratic behavior of Marks.

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