Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It is the AFC which seems unprepared for the holding of elections not the PPP/C

The AFC 'platform' collapsed at its launch in 2006

AFC’s Prime Ministerial Candidate Sheila Holder in an interview carried by one of the local opposition newscasts said that 40,000 disenfranchised voters should not hold up the elections and warned the Government not to postpone elections.
Her point about disenfranchising 40,000 voters shows the party's lack of respect for the right of each eligible Guyanese voter to cast his/her vote at elections. This perhaps might've stemmed from her association in the AFC with Raphael Trotman who attained all of his political groundings in the PNC which for 28 years denied a significant portion of the population this right. It is as the saying goes; if you dwell amongst garbage you smell like garbage.

Any thoughts Holder and her party maybe harbouring with respect to their perception of some intention on the part of the government to delay the holding of general elections might have stemmed from their own unpreparedness as the PPP/C seems the only party anxious to have elections.
Further Liveinguyana cannot recall any declared intentions of the government to do as such except for a report on Mark Benschop's misinformation and slander website which suggested the same. The fact that the AFC bases its pronouncements on this sort of misinformation indicates how desperate this political party is for attention.


  1. Sheila Holder has double standards. She only wants people to succumb to her attempts to get political kilometerage and mileage.

  2. Sheila Holder and Ram have the same agenda. Check out the legal order placed on Propaganda Press by Ravendra Ram and Ramesh Seebarran who made a lawyer file a complaint...

  3. The AFC is very unprepared for election cause they dont even have the member that if they win that would take up the ministerial posts.So i think they are not ready for election plus they have serious issues among themselves.

  4. The AFC is not ready to take part in the up coming election and will never be cause they has alot of issue to straight within the party.