Monday, July 11, 2011

More gutter journalism from Kaieteur News ....

REO Region 9: A letter captioned “Supporting Malpractice, It seems” appearing in the Kaieteur News of Friday July 8, 2011, by an author whose name was withheld, shows the pinnacle of gutter journalism. This letter is not only fallaciously riddled, but the allegations are malicious, unfounded and aimed solely at discrediting my character as Regional Executive Officer. For far too long persons are allowed to pen letters to the editors of the dailies, withholding their names and using the cover of anonymity to slander, degrade, and air their subjective views to sway public perceptions on public officers. As such Kaieteur News should publish the name of the author, or cease forthwith in publishing such libelous letters.


  1. Well it seem that they (KN) wouldn't stop by the way they do their journalistic work.More and more we see people write letters showing their displease about their work and still we don't see change.............smh

  2. SMH....dont know when will KN show that they are capable of doing good journalism.There is always some an issue that people are complaining about how they do their work but still they continue to do it how they feel it should be done.