Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stabroek News' support for the AFC highlighted by relegation of latest NACTA Poll to its letter pages

Bowing to pressure from its political masters, the AFC, Stabroek News has relegated the findings of a recent poll conducted by the North American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) to its letters pages.
This is despite the belief by many that NACTA's poll is a truer reflection of the political scene in Guyana as well as level of accuracy in its predictions over the years by that organization.

Further many view this recent act by Stabroek News as hypocritical given the prominence it gave to Dick Morris' incredulous prediction in 2006 that the AFC would've won the elections by obtaining 52% of the votes cast and the front page coverage it gave to a quack poll released by CADRES in 2010.


  1. The AFC is wishing that they have votes as in the dillemma where Sheila Holder made up a claim about 17,000 pensioners. Now they are just making up figures and numbers as they go along. The cocaine in peppersauce, Peter peeping scandal and kemraj duty free concession frauds are showing the true colours of the AFC.
    In Ena Ram's divorce proceedings Sheila Holder was aware that Christopher Ram was abusing his wife. But she failed to do anything. She seems to be an advocate for domestic violence.
    The divorce proceedings and the Hotel Tower scandal should be forwarded as evidence to file a legitimate complaint to the Association of Chartered Certfied Accountants (ACCA) because Christopher Ram broke the rules of the accountancy profession under Code of Ethics:

    He went in an affair with his employee.
    He is a man who abuses women.
    His brother operates an illegal rum shop and prostitution ring.
    Christopher Ram sold Hotel Tower in favor of a local drug lord.
    Christopher Ram is revealing confidential information about businesses who are not his clients. That is an infringement because Ram is competing unfairly.

    Those are legitimate reasons why Christopher Ram should be reported to ACCA.He should not be above the law.

  2. Christopher Ram second mansion in Florida revealed!!

    "656 Setting Sun Drive
    Winter Garden , FL 34787

    Neighborhood: South of Turnpike

    Subdivision: Black Lake Park

    Owner: Christopher Ram, Rajendra C Ram

    Sales History (2001-present)

    $441,900 on 5/9/2006

    About 656 Setting Sun Drive

    County/Region: Orange county FL / Lake Apopka/West Orange
    Year built: 2006 | Builder: N/A
    Square footage: 3,353 sq. ft. (land) | 2,615 sq. ft. (living)
    Beds: 3.0 | Baths: 2.0
    Census tract: 171.04/tindenville
    Property taxes: $4,598.49 (2009)
    High School: Whispering Oak
    Middle School: Lakeview
    Elementary School: West Orange"

    Undisclosed source.

    If Christopher Ram is not doing narcotics or financial crimes then his assets:

    904 Lascala Drive, Florida- 325,000
    Winter Garden, Florida- 441,900
    House for Asmita Chand- 85,000
    Vehicles in Florida- 247,600
    Asmita Chand vehicles- 68,300
    TOTAL ASSETS 1,307,800

    And that excludes his bank accounts overseas and Citizens Bank account!

    Salim Juman Azeez propa giving plenty cocaine money to Christopher Ram.

  3. SN gonna to fill their letters page to down play the NACTA poll which show that they will only get 5% of the vote which they claim to be wrong but the NACTA Polls which has done works over the years has always been right with their predictions.

  4. Has the time progress about this poll we gonna see the letter pages will be filled in support of the AFC has they gonna claim that the poll is in accurate.