Monday, July 25, 2011

Making the 'wrong' turn....

It is now beginning to fall into place. Anyone who has seen the Wrong Turn horror series would know what to expect from anyone or any party which is likely to be inspired by such movies..

Up comes the Bar-B-Que party and its Wrong Turn agenda for Guyana. On the day the party was launched the entire stage collapsed with some of the Wrong Turn characters on top. If that was not an indication of what was to come from such an unholy alliance, one man decides it’s his time to lead the party and tosses out the incumbent.

The sad thing depending on which way you look at it is that this individual has such special feature, the filmmakers of wrong turn decided that he possessed all the qualities to be cast as the main villain in the next installment of the movie. The man tells them however that he will wait till the end of elections to begin filming as he does not want an early release of the movie to scare away potential voters. If you think the man is scary, all hell breaks loose when he opens his mouth. Word around is that when the man became leader of the party someone dug a hole in front of the party headquarters and buried an English dictionary and placed a headstone which read RIP English Language.

The man became furious and relocated the party next to his house in Campbellville. As if that is not enough the similarities between this party and the movie gets even creepier. There are three evil inbred relatives who are the main characters in Wrong Turn they being Three Finger, Saw Tooth and One-Eye, need I say more. But fun and games aside, there is a serious aspect to what has been said above. The Bar-B-Key party taking this movie so serious, they decide to organize a few marches to drum up support.

Of course you better believe it that the same people who participate in one march will be shuttled by bus, car or donkey cart to the other march so as to deceive people into thinking they have a few supporters. But that is not bad enough, the Bar-B-Key people warning anyone who turn up for the marches that if they die, suffer any injury or is affected in any way, the party will not be held responsible.

That is the same as saying that you are on your own if anything happens to you because they are only concerned about themselves and their agenda. It is a sad day when a party which harbors’ ambition albeit misplaced to lead a nation cannot be responsible enough to look after the safety and welfare of its small number of supporters on a walkabout. Let’s hope that no one takes a Wrong Turn on the walk.


  1. This is hilarious. The AFC is a peppersauced-funded cocaine party. But the biggest laugh of all is where Mark Bencshop blamed Glen Lall and the PPP Government for allowing comments that are critical of Freddie Kissoon's and Christopher Ram dealings.

    These idiotic critics pointing fingers and blaming the Government as if they had anything to do with it. It reminds me of the Livingguyana scenario in 2009 where Christopher Ram DEMANDED that the Guyana Police Force and "International agencies" investigate the LIVINGGUYANA site. Like what the fuck? The police have more important matters to do than investigate a website. And then out of frustration and anger Christopher Ram wrote a letter using a fictitous name and declaring that the Liveinguyana blog owners be jailed. Like what the fuck again? Libel and slander do not carry intense jail terms once its proven to be factual.


    I want to ask Chris Ram wife Ena Ram some stuff, but Kaieteur News ain't allowing my comment:

    What are your current NET ASSETS for last year?
    How much of your TANGIBLE ASSETS are funded by proceeds of the narcotics and human trafficking trade?
    How much of Christopher Ram clients are drug lords?
    How did Christopher Ram obtain so much wealth to acquire four known properties both in Guyana and USA?
    What is your relation to Hotel Tower owner Salim Juman Azeez?

  2. CHRISTOPHER RAM cocaine dealings and instances of wife abuse exposed on DEMOCRATIC GUYANA BLOGSPOT.


  3. Christopher Ram and CN Sharma are true dictators. Just look at it. Anyone who intellectually argues with them are dismissed as being a "paid PPP operative" and anyone who exposes them have to "up their standards" and take out profane words. Is this censorship?

    Today's Stabroek news reported that CN Sharma is seeking justice from the Human Rights Tribunal because his programmes contain profane material.

    So the child-sexer CN Sharma have rights now?

    You know Christopher Ram told many of his employees at Ram & Mc Rae that he should be president to "run things". He also curses and shouts at his female employees. Only people like Asmita Chand are exempted from the shame because she opens her battyhole for Christopher Ram to penetrate. This ain't no lie.

    Check Ena Ram's divorce proceedings, extract the statement, enlarge it and let the whole Guyana know by mailing it through every county. FREEDOM OF INFORMATION AND SPEECH IS IN GUYANA...
    It just doesn't please the critics..