Monday, July 18, 2011

Did Akbar Muhammad protest the FBI's 2007 raid of his home?

Akbar Muhammad & Nigel Hughes

THE house of Akbar Muhammad, the Nation of Islam executive with a criminal record, was raided in 2007 by the FBI, which has been affirmed by an article in ‘The Final Call’, a newspaper started by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, and he is perpetuating his own infamy by his unrelenting insistence of his personal paramountcy to the laws of the sovereign state of Guyana.
Akbar Muhammad had pleaded guilty, in 2009, to ‘mail fraud’ after having been accused by the US Government of using different names on applications for loans and credits. He was sentenced to five years probation but was allowed to travel. This was authenticated by court records in the United States.
A US-sourced report states that “Akbar Muhammad, a world traveller who has been to 139 countries during his work as international representative of the Nation of Islam, said it is important for the people to know the type of respect and honor Minister Farrakhan receives from prominent leaders within the Muslim world.”
Continuing, the report stated: “Akbar Muhammad called it a ‘clear warning’ to those involved in ‘diabolical schemes’ to prevent our rise.”
According to the report, “In 2007, the Nation of Islam’s Akbar Muhammad (aka Larry 4X Prescott) appeared at a Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA) meeting with Siraj Wahhaj, reportedly “to deliver a passionate speech defending convicted cop killer Jamil Alamin.” (Siraj Wahhaj has also been vice president of ISNA, has called for replacement of the U.S. government with an Islamic caliphate, and spoke at the July 4, 2009 ISNA convention in Washington DC.).”
So even the US law-enforcement bodies view with suspicion Akbar Muhammad’s actions and associations with known and suspected terrorists.
Within the Guyana context, there are groups propagating violence in this country to wrest control from a PPP-led Government.
Guyana’s police were privy to intelligence that Akbar Muhammad had been recruited by these groups, especially in light of a call by a prominent group member, Tacuma Ogunseye, merely days before Muhammad’s arrival into Guyana, for black Guyanese to embrace violent measures to achieve their objectives, with an appeal to “kith and kin” within the joint services to join forces with the insurrectionists.
On the eve of General Elections, the security services of this nation are constrained to be extra vigilant, given past incidents whereby US-led terror groups, and mass murderers, such as Rabbi Washington and Jim Jones, have left ineradicable scars of violence and murder on this nation’s psyche and history.
Innocent persons with no criminal agenda comply with the legal and law-enforcement bodies of the country that they are visiting.
No one is above the law of any sovereign state. The Guyana police were acting within their mandate by detaining someone they considered a suspect who may be perpetrating unlawful activities.
His allegations that he was victimized on the ground that he is a Muslim hold no ground in Guyana, because no Guyanese practises Islamophobia. This country reveres and respects its Muslim community and in no way does the average Guyanese suspects any Muslim of this nation of terrorism against this state. This kind of thinking does not even come within the radar of Guyana’s leaders and security services.
Muhammad should first consider suing the FBI which invaded his home in the United States before deciding to sue the Guyana Police Force, which, like the FBI in Muhammad’s home country, was only executing its mandate in law enforcement and ensuring the security of their home state to which they owe allegiance.

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