Thursday, July 28, 2011

Would an AFC government allow CN Sharma and CNS Channel 6 to repeatedly break the law?

In a recent release to the media the Alliance for Change (AFC) is quoted as saying that by putting pressure on CN Sharma to drop the programme “Keeping them Honest", the Government is practicing executive lawlessness.
The appalling level of un-objectivity, bias and reasoning demonstrated by the AFC's response is becoming a real problem as it exists in political parties and uniformly in sections of the media.
The AFC failed to take into account the other side of the story and it appears as though that party gave very little thought to the whole issue.
This isn't the first time CN Sharma and his station has found itself on the other side of our country's laws and every single infringement by this gentlemen is met with the same worn out cry of 'government harassment' when efforts are made to punish him.
Is CN Sharma and CNS Channel 6 above the law?
Further, would an AFC government allow CN Sharma and CNS Channel 6 to repeatedly break the law?


  1. C.N Sharma is a known peddo who has houses at Crane and Meten-Meer-Zorg and have sexual performances with the daughters of the woman who he loans his houses to.
    At Meten-Meer-Zorg public road they have a rumshop operated by CN Sharma best friend Mr.Bhajonauth called PRAKA who knows everything about the sexual acts there.
    One of the houses CN Sharma has at De Kindren turn had a lady from Leguan whose daughter was a talented chutney singer.
    A day I was delivering newspapers throughout Meten Meer Zorg, De Kindren and Zeelugt and I happen to see CN Sharma company pickup truck park on de road.
    The daughter was like 10 or 11 at the time. And I see the daughter running to Sharma with her nipples exposed.And Sharma lift up the girl and kiss her up to make it look friendly but she had on bare panty and Sharma rub his hand pon she batty. Camera phone been just come out. I wished I had one to show as evidence. The girl gone and live in Trinidad since 2009. I think the girl deh 16 now. Not sure.

  2. Dey have some old heads around Meerzorg and Zeelught who see CN Sharma in the company of young gal as young as 9 hugging them up in bare panty. And he does lock up himself in the house for an hour or so who knows what he doing in there.
    In 2010 Sharma had a lady and some girl children living in the house at Meten Meer Zorg and the lady does wear bare G-string and no bra while washing clothes and the girl children running all about naked. That's when Sharma does come around. He does hug them up. Sharma encouraging nudism in Metenmeerzorg and De Kindren bringing in all sort of people walking naked all over the place. He is lawless. It doesn't surprise me if he fucking all these naked people in the house.

  3. CN Sharma is taking advice from Christopher Ram. CN Sharma should desist from importing nudists into Metenmeerzorg and De Kindren and he should be wary of his regular visits where he fondles the woman and her daughters. CN Sharma tek he eyes pass de woman. He giving them place to stay and he having sexual acts with the woman and her young daughters. But who is going to be believed since the woman wouldn't testify against him because of the benefits she has received under CN Sharma.
    They have people living in those areas for decades and ever since CN Sharma buy those properties in West Coast is bare problem he bringing in. He didn't fix the pipelines or fix the roads. But he does drive he Benz and Prado down the street and break up the road. And he gon blame the Government for that. CN Sharma is a menace. He just coming into the West Coast to have sexual interactions with the occupants of his houses. Most of the occupants have daughters over 8 years parading naked and hugging Sharma. That is sickening.

  4. There should be a law for paedophiles like CN Sharma that would put him under scrutiny and tracked of his movements like the USA does with sexual offenders.

    But is CN Sharma going to cry foul that the Goverment is after him? What does Christopher Ram's extra-martial spouse Asmita Chand has to say about that?

    What does Christopher Ram's partner Ramesh Seebarran who is with Tara Persaud and Subrina Khan have to say about that?

    Ramesh Seebarran poisoned Chandraballi Bisheswar in May 2008. No investigation done...Symbol of the real dictators.