Thursday, July 21, 2011

Media sensationalism responsible for perception of drastic crime increase.

Police Commissioner Henry Greene is blaming the media for the perception that there has been a drastic increase in the Guyana crime situation, saying figures to date show a small increase over the 2010 numbers.

“For the year 2011 we are four percent above last year despite all the hullabaloo about what’s happening. In this country we have a lot of press ;if you look at the papers you see all the bodies ... is strewn all over,” Greene stated at the 172nd Annual Police Awards Ceremony on Wednesday.

According to the Commissioner, in other countries the “worst things” are not displayed that way. He added that it creates an impression of a “heavy increase” in crimes.


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  2. Indeed some media try to give it viewers and readers the sense that the crime situation in Guyana is at a level which the police cant handle.