Monday, July 18, 2011


Former UGSS President Jason Benjamin's picture appeared in Sunday Stabroek along with a host of others wanted by the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) for being absent without leave (A.W.O.L.).
Benjamin whose mentor is Kaieteur News Columnist and UG Lecturer Freddie Kissoon, is a fervent critic of the Government and ruling party. He currently campaigns alongside Kissoon and pardoned treason accused Mark Benschop. He recently issued a call for youths to rise up against the Government and ruling party via Benschop's misinformation site.

He spent 8 years at the Government Technical Institute and 4 years at the University of Guyana pursuing a Degree in Electrical Engineering all at the the GDF's expense.


  1. Jason Benjamin did a terrible mistake by lingering and seeking advice from the academic criminal named Freddie Kissoon.

    Freddie Kissoon, Mark Benschop and Christopher Ram only care about themselves. They are using Jason. I hope Jason does not get involved with these dangerous people. He should find other means to display his activism as a positive role model for youth. But he messed up his credibility and reputation by being a supporter of a book thief named Freddie Kissoon, a terrorist named Mark Benchop and a wife beater and drugs accountant named Christopher Ram.

    Jason has to clean up his act. He still has a chance...

  2. Jason Benjamin...Please don't fall for Freddie's tricks. He just wants you to be his puppet for his political gains.
    Those promises of getting pussy are just a sham.

    Asmita Chand would refuse to have sex with anyone else other than Christopher Ram because Chris Ram gives Asmita Chand some dirty scat anal probes and give her cocaine money.

    Kavita Kissoon lost her virginity at the UG Campus and she is currently in a relationship with Salim Azeez's nephew.

    Ena Ram...well don't want to talk about that.

    Trust me. Those false promises ain't going to help you Jason. Trust in yourself. Don't be misled by these fools Kissoon and Ram and Benchcock. If you have grievances with the Government just write them a letter and do it diplomatic. Don't resort to criminality. You are a good student but you tend to follow those PNC and WPA criminals.

  3. Jason should be receiving all of these scholarships under the PNC era where scholarship awardees were beaten and kicked at National Service and treated badly. Also, if you were a soldier under the PNC era, there was a high chance that the soldier would be involved in "kick down the door" banditry and sodomy.

    Jason be grateful and thankful that the PPP Government saw the potential in you. Freddie Kissoon is envious of you. He wants to get you in trouble and ruin your life. Don't fall for it.

  4. Freddie Kissoon's article for today (July 19,2011) is very sickening. He makes references to Hitler as being "still alive" and this is totally atrocious. I wouldn't want to even see Freddie Kissoon because he seems to be a supporter of Hitler.

    Hitler was an evil man who led the Nazi reign that resulted in worldwide chaos. Hitler's activities are deemed as crimes against humanity and are barbaric and ungodly in nature.
    Freddie Kissoon's apparent support for such a beast in Nazism is evident of Freddie's true nature and questionable character.

    Why is Jason being mentored by Freddie Kissoon. Freddie Kissoon and his posse only care about themselves. They are evil men.


  5. you guys are all full of shit.Jason does have a mind of his own.i would say so much right now but will ease my way off this page