Thursday, January 7, 2010

1,500 Jamaican workers to loose jobs as Bauxite company shuts down.

Yard Flex: Reports circulating is that Windalco will be closing operations in Jamaica at the end of March.

Windalco has not been producing since early last year after challenges in the global aluminum market forced it to scale back operations to three days per week and lay off some workers.

Windalco's parent company, the Russian based UC Rusal has been facing financial difficulties and problems with the Russian government.

However Mr. Morrison the President of the National Workers Union which represents the workers said with the situation improving with prices and slow but steady recovery in global economies, there was hope the operations could be saved.

Windalco has the capacity to produce about one million tonnes of alumina.

The shutdown of Windalco's Jamaican operations will affect its plants in Ewarton, and Kirkvine as well Port Esquivel.

Some 1,500 workers are expected to be made redundant in the process, but Mr. Morrison says the Union will be holding discussions on the way forward with management Thursday where it is hoped solutions can be found to prevent a shutdown of the company.

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