Sunday, January 3, 2010

Congress Place seh deh pay di City Council! Lie!

After several months of toing and froing between City Hall, Congress Place, and in at least one instance having the Government make a pronouncement, debt owed to the council has been paid.
This was confirmed by Opposition Leader, Robert Corbin, who said that the debt was paid in full and City Mayor acknowledged that the money was paid on the final day of 2009.
Corbin did not divulge the amount and Green said that he did not know the figure offhand but it is believed to be in the vicinity of $100M.
In mid November last year, Mayor Hamilton Green had cause to say that he believed that there was a sustained campaign by the present administration to destabilise the management of the city.
That statement followed an announcement that the government had no intentions to lend any more financial assistance to the cash-strapped Mayor and City Councillors of Georgetown (M&CC) until the massive $100M in back taxes is collected from the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR).
In a strongly worded statement, the Ministry of Local Government pointed out that the fact that Mayor Hamilton Green is sitting on the PNCR Executive Committee and not collecting the rates and taxes is a glaring case of conflict of interest.
According to the Mayor, the assessment of PNCR properties, like any other, cannot just happen like that; it has to be processed.
This was also an argument proffered by the party some time prior to the local Government’s statement in that the properties and the rate they pay had to be assessed.
At that time, the Ministry had issued a statement that stated inter alia that the records show that the city did not collect rates and taxes for the Sophia property, where the PNCR headquarters is located, for over a decade.
“The PNCR has several other properties in the City for which no rates and taxes have been collected for more than 15 years. The partial records available to the Ministry show outstanding amounts totaling some $100 million.”
According to the Ministry, the main opposition party has so far shown an unwillingness to meet its obligation in spite of the amnesty being granted on interest on debts owed to the Council.
“Now that Mayor Green has been embraced once again by the PNCR and now sits on the Executive Committee of that party, the non-collection of rates and taxes must be seen as a conflict of interest on his part.”
The Ministry pointed out that situation remains the case even though the M&CC is aware of the precarious situation with the finances of the City.
“The city treasury is often without money to pay employees wages and salaries, contractors are owed huge sums and now the GPL is making demands for payments of hundreds of millions owed to it by City Hall.”
It is becoming quite clear that the Mayor’s strategy is to allow the situation to deteriorate in order to embarrass the government and hope that the government will bail it out as it has done so often, the statement argued.


  1. This is a norm for the PNCR but with the mayor siding with them is another.With the present situation that the M&CC is in with GPL,the mayor should not allow the PNCR to get away without paying taxes should be the last and also lying to the public that they paid some of the money owed by the PNCR to the M&CC.

  2. Hamilton Green want somebody bugga he then he going to set sense...this blasted man does just people to curse imagine he siding with the PNC and not paying his staff and looking after the interest of the city. This man analogy of management stinks and tormenting to the public to have his problems prolonging. I don’t know why he just don’t give up the post if he can’t handle it.... to top off, government always got to bail he out for his negligence. PNC ain’t got shame either, they can’t even pay there debt, these people just impossible….

  3. Has the corruption and lies continue to come out of the PNCR they have also gain a next partner in the process which is the mayor who decide to lie to the public about a tax payment which is owed by the PNCR in an excess of $100M,recently the PNCR say that it was paid but in no valid we the public cant see a receipt of this payment if this is true we would like to see a receipt.

  4. Im requesting a full investigation into this cause like any other property owner that have to pay taxes why should the pncr get away with this act because the mayor is an executive member that doesn't change the law.

  5. PNC laird scums should be put in prison for live in my view, these people are so darn shameless and they want power, Hammie is the same too, a set of crooks....that is a fact if the PNC paid there debt then why can’t they surface a receipt to prove what they are saying to the public, people got to out of there minds to vote for this sick party, what happen here is just another instance of who they really are....people who don’t have morals.

  6. Look at this this is a party that is tryin to run for power of this country and look that the lies and deceitfulness which they are showing to the citizen of this country by claiming that they paid a outragous tax which they owed to the M&CC and to add to it more the mayor tagged along in this frabication.Now is this the tpye of people that are trying to run the country just imagine wat would happen if they got the chance to.Upside down Guyana would be.