Friday, January 8, 2010

Pavement vendors back on streets!

Just as we had predicted, pavement vendors in the City continued to ply their trade on the city's streets yesterday. This is despite a silly campaign by the city council to remove them that was carried out Wednesday night as most of them would've already left by then.


  1. And here is the results as usual, again the man that can't do his work Big Shit Green. I figure this how the people make there living when the day come so it is more than likely that they would not stop what there are doing on these paves....lets she what is his next motive in stopping these people.

  2. This was always the outcome of the situation.I guess that the mayor should really enforce some sort of law that would keep these people off of the pavements and parapets

  3. The reason for this is because the mayor and the city constables allow these people to get away with this due to the fact that the constables usually take hush money to leave these people to ply their daily trade on the city streets and sidewalks.I strongly think that a stiffer penalties should be insure for these people who operate and the city constables be charge.