Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Leon Suseran's bloated sense of self-importance!

AFC candidate, Leon Suseran, writing in Kaieteur News, lambasted Government functionaries over the Cabinet outreach to Berbice last Tuesday, and one of his main contentions is the limited time that the President and his ministers spent in Berbice, stating that one day was not enough to meet everyone.

Granted, but even a month was not enough to meet everyone, so that was not the intention. However, Suseran is contending that President Jagdeo was supposed to go to Cumberland so that his (Suseran’s) father could question Guyana’s President; but that he failed to do so, imputing that the President was afraid to face the elder Suseran.

What a bloated sense of self-importance these two men have. They are convinced that meeting them should have been paramount above meeting other stakeholders, and because they were not singled out for presidential attention then the President’s outreach was politically driven, and not out of care for the people’s welfare.


  1. I wonder who told these men that the president would take time from his busy schedule just to talk to them individually; well they got to be some idiots. The president put aside that day to meet with the people to listen to their concern as a community; it was publicized for the public’s awareness on this meeting. These people are ridiculous just because they support another party, they think the president must compensate to whatever they say in order to have there support, and little do they know that is not how it goes....

  2. Suseran is the classical political oppurtunist, he first supported the PPP with the hope of gaining political favor in the rank and file of the party. When this failed like Freddie and Tarron Khemraj and turned heels and sprinted to the AFC and then started bad mouthing the Government;a political chameleon if you like.