Thursday, January 7, 2010

After years of encouragement Hammie finally moves against pavement vendors!

For years the Hamilton Green led City Council sat idly by allowing vendors to take captive of the pavements and by-ways of Georgetown. The traffic along certain city roads became impassable as commuters were forced to use the roads instead of the pavements. Mention should also be made of the heaps of garbage often left by these vendors. Legitimate businesses suffered as a result of having their entrances overrun as the City official were even bold enough to collect fees from some of these vendors. It's a shame that it took so long for action to be taken by the City against them, but then it will come as no surprise if they do return.

Everything Hammie touches turns to shit!


  1. It took him this long to finally do a part of his work, but still there are possibilities that these people would return which would more than likely result to chaos, because they will end up doing all sort of unnecessarily protesting that will torment the peace of the city. These vendors around the city were like eye sores, hardly any place to walk on the pave plus to add to it they garbage and mess the normally make were just too dam despicable whenever one passed the pavements. Still Hammie, your work is worthless…

  2. I guess that the mayor has finally realize that the chaos and the obstruction of traffic cause by the vendors which occupy the parapets and the heavy garbage that is left ed behind.Finally he looks like if he is doing his work.

  3. You think, this man can't do shit....well I guess we have to wait and see the out come of this situation, up until now there is no conformation on PNC actually paying there taxes, then there was that prolong problem with GPL and M&CC that made the city had to suffer because of there negligence, so really and truly there is nothing great to expect of this incompetent mayor...