Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amerindian group supports Government’s position to remove Bulkan FCPF panel

The Amerindian Action Movement of Guyana (Taamog) fully supports the Government’s of Guyana position on the removal of Dr Janet Bulkan from the Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) of the World Bank Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF).

Taamog is convinced that Dr Bulkan cannot be a fair assessor on the Panel because of her spate of criticisms against Guyana's Forestry Sector, the Guyana Forestry Commission, (GFC) and its officials, as well as the Minister with responsibility for the Forestry Sector and the President of Guyana whom she accuses of carrying out clandestine activities. What is also important to note is that these accusations cannot be proven on the ground. At the October 2009 Washington Meeting of the Forest Carbon Partnership facility of the World Bank, Suriname made its presentation on its Readiness Preparation Proposal (RPP) where it was observed and that the map displayed by Suriname showed that the New River Triangle, a part of Guyana is included in the Map of Suriname. Dr Bulkan reviewed Suriname's RPP and it is very mind-boggling that Dr Bulkan did not object to this gross violation of Guyana's sovereignty.

Certainly Dr Bulkan was not present at the Washington Meeting last October which again boggles the mind, since she is a member of the Technical Advisory Panel and revised Suriname's RPP. What is also noteworthy is that some Guyanese have been forming consultancies at the International Level and net work for their personal gain, severely criticising Guyana's Natural resource Management systems and state officials, and when confronted with responses of accuracies on the ground, they blatant refuse to accept their inaccuracies and misleading vendetta against Guyana. This circle of Guyanese at the international level is therefore guilty of using Guyana for their personal enrichment. Their level of attacks, or more so misleading campaign against Guyana LCDS and REDD + proposals at the international level are typical examples of their smear campaign against Guyana without unsubstantiated facts. In Taamog's opinion, this is tantamount to gross unpatriotic behaviour.

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  1. The people of Taamog has orchestrated the right judgment in this case of supporting the government in prohibiting this women from any affairs concerning Guyana, it just serves her right, the AFC party cant do better, they love to support a set of crooks, and the funny thing is, they are citizens of Guyana, and yet they don't see that this woman motive is affecting the country's security. Imagine this woman has the gaul of defaming the government when she doesn't even have the proof to justify herself...