Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hammie sent his boys to bruk up "Magic" shop over unpaid debt!

City Mayor Hamilton Green sent his demolition crew last Thursday night to demolish some plant pots outside a Regent Street watering hole, frequented by Hammie himself, AFC leader Raphael Trotman and many other local political figures.

According to Hugh October more popularly known as 'Magic' and the proprietor of the city business, a band of officials from City Hall descended on his property late Thursday night and he is very angry over what he regards as the high handed attitude of officials.

October explained that he is the owner of Prince Sons and Daughters Restaurant and Bar. He said that it is a family business that has been in existence for several decades.
October further explained that the business has been bequeathed to him and he has been operating for more than a decade. He related that Mayor Green along with other City Hall officials frequent his bar. He said that Green ran up a tab exceeding $80,000 the Sunday before. Green promised to pay the following Monday and never did and numerous calls to City Hall by the businessman proved unsuccessful in locating Green. He did however, manage to make contact with Mayor Green on Wednesday but was only given a good tongue lashing by Green who then threatened to send his demolition crew if 'Magic' ever asked for his money again. As according to Green, he and Magic were friends for years and he had done numerous favours for him, thus he should've forgiven the debt. But the businessman was adamant that he must be paid as according to him, "things were lil tight".

The businessman said it was as a result of this that on Thursday evening three vehicles with about 14 officers, armed with hammers and other implements visited business place and proceeded to dismantle a structure set up in front of the store.
He said that he pleaded with the officers for some time to remove the items from the pavement. His pleas were ignored and the officers descended on his property and removed his plants and several makeshift structures from in front of the store.
He also noted that they did not exercise the required caution when they were loading the items into the vehicle and as such, most of his property was damaged.

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  1. Hamilton Green is nothing more than scum...this nasty minded man is selfish down the core, that is why people got to suffer because of his act, what he did to this owner of this shop was uncalled for, even if it is a friend or not, this crab dog for man does not have any moral what so ever. What he should really be focusing on, he is not doing but wasting time in the administration, people should start pelting stones at him for his inhumane ways….