Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kaieteur News reporter charged for assaulting man after being called 'bugga batty'.

Mondale Smith

Kaieteur News and former Prime News reporter, Mondale Smith, of Lot 1717 Princes Street, Wortmanville, was granted self-bail yesterday on charges of unlawful wounding and malicious damage to property.

That was after he pleaded not guilty to the offences, before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson.

The allegations against the defendant are that, on January 3, he unlawfully wounded Leon Bagot, so as to cause him actual bodily harm and damaged a $25,000 glass door, property of Demico Banks DIH.

Bagot did not attend Court and an arrest warrant was issued for him.

Smith told the magistrate that his lawyer, Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan was engaged in the High Court and the defendant was released on his own recognisance until January 26.

The case for the Prosecution is that Smith and Bagot were involved in a heated argument in front of the Stabroek Demico, also in Georgetown, where it resulted in a scuffle between them. It is alleged that Smith became incensed after Bagot called him 'bugga-batty' and retaliated by slapping the latter.


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