Tuesday, January 26, 2010

AFC's link to the PNCR exposed through full page ad by PNCR supporters.

Alternative number two of the full page ad by PNCR supporters in today's Kaieteur News provides confirmation of the relationship between the PNC and AFC. The supporters' call for the finalization of merger talks between the two parties highlights the fact that such talks were secretly taking place despite denials by the two and makes a mockery of the AFC's proclamations of being independent of the two major political parties.

Despite these recent revelations it is foolish to think that AFC leader Raphael Trotman would suddenly abandon militancy, political scheniganism, antagonism, terror and other such tactics employed during his many years at the helm of the PNC leadership for some new found association which includes many of his former bosom-buddies and least of all, those whom he fought against(Ramjattan, Boyo Ramsaroop, Shiela Holder ET AL).

Ever since its establishment in 2006 it was always being suggested that the AFC was a "creature" of the PNC whose history of violence and destruction to Guyana needs no regurgitation here. And one only has to note the result of the fall-out between Gaumattie Singh and leaders of the AFC in the aftermath of the elections of 2006 after she went public with her claims that they reneged on a promise made to her in order to understand the relationship between the two. In an action that was reminiscent of those perpetrated by the Burnham goons during the days of the PNC dictatorship, Gaumattie Singh was set-upon by an unknown assailant and doused with a corrosive substance.

Late last year we also learnt of the co-operation which seemed to have been agreed upon by the two parties that saw their scrutineers working hand-in-hand during the claims and objections exercise currently being conducted by GECOM.

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  1. What else could one expect of these opposition parties, they can't overcome the president so they are going to try all there tactics whether hiding or not just get at him, but little do they know they cant defeat the party, because there means of governance are just a set of criminals acts that everyone despise, its just inhumane, I hope this article can go even further so that the public can see who they really are...as the article said they are all creatures, and for the country to be under the PNC regime again, bearing in mind the AFC carrying the same agenda in there regime too, then everyone is going to run from Guyana for safety...there is no hope under these people