Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bulkan's non-attendance at October meeting does not negate the fact that she was a reviewer of the Suriname draft Readiness Preparation Propoosal(RPP)

Janette Bulkan

The Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) refers to Janette Bulkan's
correspondence in the Tuesday January 19, 2009 edition of Kaieteur News.
The GFC is once again compelled to present the true facts to the general

(1) Janette Bulkan may not have been present at the October 2009
meeting of the World Bank's Forest Carbon Partnership Facility's
Participants Committee Meeting. Using this as an excuse to give the public
the impression that because she was not at the October 2009 meeting, she
could not have "protested at the display of a map at a meeting that which I
was not present" is simply unacceptable.

(2) Bulkan's non-attendance at the October 2009 meeting does not
negate the fact that she was a reviewer of the Suriname draft Readiness
Preparation Proposal (RPP). This document clearly includes a map that shows
Guyanese sovereign territory (the New River Triangle) as being within
Suriname's national boundaries.

(3) Had Bulkan had done an objective and thorough assessment of
Suriname's draft RPP (as she was expected to do), then she must have also
perused the map included in the draft RPP.

(4) Her insult to all true and patriotic Guyanese continues when she
states "It is unclear what the Government hopes to gain from intervening in
my employment outside Guyana as a task not affecting Guyana".

How is it possible that an insult and potential threat to Guyana's
sovereignty is "a task not affecting Guyana"? The Government of Guyana, all
political parties and indeed all other patriotic Guyanese must denounce
publicly this attempt to downplay an issue that is of such critical
importance to not only this generation, but to all future generations to

We must let Bulkan know that whilst she is content to trivialize Suriname's
deliberate inclusion of Guyanese sovereign territory in a map purporting to
show Suriname's boundaries, it is something that we will always object to at
all levels and at all fora.

The protection of our national patrimony and sovereignty are issues that are
sacred to all Guyanese, regardless of ethnicity, religion or political
allegiance; it is something that we have always been united on.

The GFC can only appeal to Bulkan to review her position on this critical

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