Sunday, January 24, 2010

AFC looks to join with civic partners for local govt polls.

Right, Mr Shiv Nandlall, the brother and front-man of local drug baron Bramnand 'Brammo' Nandlall is seen in this picture handing over a cheque to Mrs. Cathy Hughes, AFC Executive member and wife of Attorney-at-law, Nigel Hughes.

In what it leader Raphael Trotman describes as a bid to place more power in the hands of the people, the Alliance For Change (AFC) has taken a decision to enter into strategic civic partnerships to contest upcoming local government polls.

The AFC’s partnerships would extend beyond the 65 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) to the six municipalities. He added that the party is looking strategically to see how best it could partner with civil society groups, leading personalities and other political parties in these areas.

And here in this photo we can see one such partnership between the AFC and the local drug underworld. Apart from the sizable contributions the party receives from cocaine in pepper sauce accused, Reginald Rodrigues, the party is also receiving significant assistance from Bramanand 'Brammo' Nandalall.

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  1. OK the contesting in the local government, i hope they walk with some sort of safe guards for there ear, because really and truly no one will sympathize with them to listen there shit that they have to say to people, now she posing in this pic with a drug lord, definitely there is no hope for them, what is even shameful is that they are so selfish that they couldn't even donated even a dollar to help those devastated people in Haiti, who in there right mind would want to have these people in power...