Saturday, January 9, 2010

Corbin to step down soon!

We have learnt through our usually reliable sources that a deal has been brokered within the PNC/R that would see its incumbent leader, Robert Corbin, stepping down and making way for either Aubrey Armstrong or Van West Charles to become the leader sometime before the holding of Presidential elections in 2011.

According to our source, the deal was brokered after days of intense discussions at a popular city hotel that allows for Corbin to receive $8M dollars as part of what they termed his 'retirement package'. He has reportedly received $5M already and is poised to receive the remainder as long as he comes through with his end of the deal.

There are also reports that Winston Murray is very skeptical of the whole arrangement as according to him Corbin is known to renege on his promises. Murray cited one such case as being Corbin's earlier promise to step down from the PNC/R's leadership made in the run-up to the elections of 2006, should he(Corbin) loose, which he later did and also failed to step down.

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  1. This is heartening but at the same time heart wrenching since Van west Charles was Minister of Health under Burnham and at that time the MOH was at its lowest in Guyana's history. In fact the infant mortality rate was at its highest,tb and malaria were also quite prevalent.