Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ramotar slams recent anti-PPP mischief makers.

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party, Donald Ramotar, was yesterday swift in his condemnation of what he is calling the newest attack against the party.
Ramotar was at the time referring to a full page advertisement in the New Year’s edition of this publication and described that it is wicked, malicious and anti PPP.
He said that he believed the names to which the ‘appeal’ is attributed to, are fictitious given that he is a long serving member of the party and was not familiar with them.

PPP General Secretary Donald Ramotar

PPP General Secretary Donald Ramotar

Ramotar placed the ‘appeal’ in the same realm of that of the recently condemned and seemingly abandoned campaign that was seeking to garner support for a third term for incumbent Head of State, Bharrat Jagdeo, to run for a third term in office contrary to the current language of the constitution of Guyana.
The full page publication is attributed to, “Ganga Kawal, Basdeo Singh and 11 other PPP Diehards.”
In that “Open Appeal to Leaders and Members of the PPP” it charges that, “We have long been concerned about the lack of tolerance by the President Jagdeo administration. Now we feel it has reached a new depth with the removal of Navin Chandarpal from the cabinet.”
The publication also stated, “Some of us have known Navin since student days at UG when he led the resistance to the PNC’s assaults on the University as President of the UG Student Society. Some of us were in the PYO when he was the First Secretary and deeply involved in the struggle led by Dr Jagan against the PNC dictatorship. We remember that he gave up his academic career to lead the PYO when requested by Dr. Jagan. Navin is a real product of Dr Jagan and the PPP.”
It is alleged that the names for which the publication is attached have heard many PPP members from various parts of the country privately condemning the President’s action against Chandarpal, adding that the condemnations would not bring changes if they remain separate individual actions unheard by the administration and the public.
“The removal of Navin (Chandarpal) is an attack on the PPP. We believe it is part of a scheme to undermine the ranks of the PPP which are loyal to the policies of Dr. Jagan. We cannot be sure what are the plans of the President in relation to 2011.”
The authors of the appeal said that what they are concerned about, however, “is that the PPP hard core is being marginalised in the government and a new band, termed by one commentator as “the new private sector”, is becoming dominant and all powerful. In the process, the image of the PPP is being tarnished.”
It also went on to state that the government is repeatedly taking actions that are inconsistent with the working people ideology of the Party of Dr. Jagan.
“We are appealing to you because we believe that the PPP is still the best Party for Guyana. Its reputation, however, is being soiled by those un¬-PPP like practices of the Jagdeo government. The Party runs the danger of suffering at the next election if it does not restore its traditions and practices. The country will be the loser.”

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