Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How Could Freddie and Others Possibly Respond to This?

Despite protestations, Guyana is a free country under the administration of President Bharrat Jagdeo. So says the US watchdog organization Freedom House in its latest survey of political rights and civil liberties, FREEDOM IN THE WORLD 2010. Freedom House has been preparing and publicizing such surveys for 40 years in its 69-year history.
Among the positive findings in the report on Guyana were:
• Several independent newspapers operate freely
• Seventeen privately owned television stations
freely criticize the government.
• There are no government restrictions on the
• Guyanese generally enjoy freedom of religion.
• The government does not restrict academic
• The government largely respects freedoms of
assembly and association in practijavascript:void(0)ce.
• The right to form labor unions is also generally
upheld, and unions are well organized.
• The judicial system is independent, but due
process is undermined by shortages of staff and
• The Guyana Defense Force and the national
Guyana Police Force are under civilian control.
Sources: Weekend Mirror (Guyana) and Freedom House (USA)


  1. He can’t respond to this piece laid out by Freedom House because this will just eat his heart out to see what the government has over come under the PPP regime. He should count his luck because he could write his so called articles freely. A man who loves to talk about PPP governance will soon get what is in store for him…

  2. Freddie would be speechless after reading this, but as any ass would do he would change and go around the topic and starting talking about some nonsense.

    With the high level of intellect he thinks he has it hasn’t really gotten him that far, for he often criticises the University of Guyana and surprisingly he's still lecturing there, with all the crimes and disadvantages he claims Guyana is in we still find him residing in this very country.

    What Freddie can do to make himself constructive is go chop them bushes he have growing in his front yard instead of degrading something which he isn’t any better at!