Monday, January 11, 2010

Volda Lawrence almost lost her job after protesters visited!

Wha eva happen to PNC/R M.P Volda Lawrence?

Well we have learnt that Volda has been told to keep a low profile and take a back burner as it relates to her political activity after a group of protesters descended last year on her work place, the American University in Prashad Nagar questioning her competency as a teaching individual and highlighting her conduct in and outside of parliament as well as other issues.
This led to a decision by the management of the institution which is owned by U.S citizens to terminate Volda's services in light of the issues brought to their attention. Volda subsequently went on a begging and crying spree which allowed her to keep her job but at the cost of her political participation, which the management insisted must be at a lower level.

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  1. She choose the Benjamins above the interest of the Party. The school did the right thing, here behavior in and out of Parliament while being heavily influenced by the politics of her party in terms of its moral decadence and embracing of thuggery and rape as a means to achieve political power must have weighed heavily against her thus her employer's request.