Monday, January 11, 2010

Ursula Ramdayal questions Vieira's sincerity.

After former owner of VCT 28 and PNC/R MP Anthony Vieira wrote that the demise of Vieira Communications Ltd began when the lottery company moved the nightly draw from VCT to NCN one of his former employees, namely, Ursula Ramdayal was compelled to respond as follows:

Ursula Ramdayal: Dear Mr. Vieira, I have read and understood all the points in your letter. But still, there is one thing you did not clarify, and I wonder if you will ever qualify it. Maybe never. Why is it when you felt so strongly, and still feel so strongly, did you sell out to a company that is a known PPP supporter, when the PNC says if they had known that you wanted to sell they would have bought you out. I say if you answer that question honestly and candidly and in a believable fashion, then maybe the Guyanese public and maybe the staff whose feelings were not considered at any time would understand.


  1. This is the hypocrisy one sees in these fly by night politicians they seek the quick buck and then cry after. Veira is crying crocodile tears since he made a killing for his company.
    His claim on “pressures on advertisers” is hearsay…
    In stating his view that “the PPP do what they want” in Parliemant , he seems to forget a simple little thing –the PPP has a majority and is EXPECTED to do what it “wants” on behlaf of the people . Vieira seems to be enthralled with the PNC’s arrogance and presumptiousness that it is supposed to rule like the “Good old days “. Dem done, my friend…Of course it’s boring when you don’t get what you want and have to sit on back benches.

  2. an earthquake should come and wipe Guyana out.