Sunday, January 3, 2010

Crookishness between City Hall and Congress Place exposed!

We have been reliably informed that a deal was recently struck between Georgetown city Mayor and P.N.C/R Executive member, Hamilton Green and leader of the P.N.C/R Robert Corbin that saw the P.N.C debt to the City that runs somewhere in the vicinity of $156 Million being written off.

A source inside City Hall has revealed that Congress Place received favorable concessions and they reportedly only paid a small fraction of the debt.


  1. This is a typical PNC always trying to do the wrong things to get by and the mayor in it too with them i think that the mayor should be sack and replace cause his incompetence is getting over bearing cause he is just putting his political affiliation in front of the city and his job.

  2. This is more than over bearing, this man and his order of work is just unjustifiable, imagine this is a party vying for power and this is there motive of leading the people forward, through crookishness, when they went in power it was the same thing, even worse...that money would have done so much for the city, but it is the PNC and stinking Hammie that good will never come out of them.