Monday, January 11, 2010

Full page ad by PNC supporters further highlights deep divisions within the party.

A full page ad appearing on page 24 of yesterday's(Sunday) edition of the Kaieteur News and signed by PNC/R members, Grace Bovell, Jimmy Newark, Lloyd Hunte, Lethan Rutherford and twenty five(25) others highlights the level of division and discontent with Robert Corbin's leadership within the party. In the ad the members took particular umbrage with certain aspects of Corbin's New Years message to the nation, which they described as the greatest disrespect to the PNCR, its members and all those who support the party, "self contradictory", "self serving", "opportunistic" and confirms that he has betrayed everything for which the PNCR stands".

Further, the ad stated that "Corbin's New Year message wishes President Jagdeo, the Army Chief of Staff and the Commissioner of Police a Happy New Year despite the atrocities committed under their watch". It then went on that, "Mr Corbin then wishes the leadership and members of the PPP a Happy New Year but fails to extend similar sentiments to his own staff, the members of the PNCR, the Central Executive Committee of the PNCR, PNCR Regional and Town Councillors, Members of Parliament and supporters of the PNCR" and "clearly the PPP and its members are accorded greater importance than his own supporters", an act they described as being "disgraceful and disrespectful".

The members ended by stating "As concerned members of the PNCR we think Corbin's abandonment of our cause and our constituency is enough grounds for him to resign and afford the PNCR the opportunity to genuinely oppose the PPP dictators and remove them from office"


  1. This seems to be a volcanic eruption in waiting, they might even be unhappy with Corbin's reported $8 million agreement. And all of this could be dated back to their recent elections where it suspected that massive fraud occurred. A leading newspaper reported that the PNCR was investigating claims that the names of dead persons were among those on the electoral register. True to form as usual.

  2. It is a pity to see what this party has come to, it is like a laughing matter if one was to look at it, the main opposition party were demoralized by there leader, which actually carries a stinking name… so what ever they deem to fool people with it, will come back to them. Everyone already knows what will happen when election time comes same shit will take place with the voting tactics they conduct, so they should actually find means of getting rid of Corbin…if they know what is good for themselves.