Monday, January 11, 2010

Overseas based Guyanese talks about his encounter with a bitter Aubrey Norton.

Neil Adams: My visit to Guyana last Christmas was a memorable one in the sense that I was able to make my presence and my presents felt in a very tangible way.

I am in the process of building one of my homes. I am one of those who fall into the category of an overseas-based Guyanese in the strictest way because I believe that I am living abroad so that I can fulfill my dreams in Guyana. But I digressed a bit.

Let me get to what I originally set out to talk about. In my walk around the city I happened to run into Aubrey Norton, he was sitting at the side of the road looking all forlorn like one of the typical vagrants that are so numerous along the Georgetown landscape.

However, Aubrey at my approach managed to give me a wide grin, one akin to an English Cheshire cat.

It was a grin that obviously gave him away because sure enough I was surprised to see that grin wiped off the face of my friend in an instant at my enquiry of his party’s last congress fiasco.

“Comrade Norton how was your party’s congress and the rigging of the votes, how tragic!” Aubrey sobered up to a reply “Jagdeo does rig elections too.”

But that was not my question to the learned gentleman, how did Jagdeo got into the mix. I was asking a simple question which should have gotten a simple response, but this was not to be, Aubrey was so ashamed by the disgraceful actions of his party that a straightforward answer eluded him.

Rigging is a way of life for the PNC; it is something that they have expert knowledge of.

No one would have thought however, that Corbin would have been so glaring in this trade of theirs to the point of elbowing out the heir apparent Aubrey from the throne of the PNC, but that is exactly what he did.

Corbin would admit that these are desperate times and as such it calls for desperate measures, it must be a win for him (Corbin) at all cost.

So whether the opponent was Aubrey, Vincent or the least Winston they were all destined to lose anyway. These guys are now licking their wounds; exiled by a system they are all too familiar.

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  1. Anyone with a bit of knowledge about Guyana’s political history will know that the PNCR has an unenviable international reputation for its superb rigging machinery. That machinery was so perfected and its operators so clever, that it kept the party going smoothly for almost 30 years.So Norton did the right thing and deflected the question, as he would say "it was sheer bugaloo"