Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Freddie Kissoon ready to run in next general elections.

"If for the forthcoming election, I am asked to serve in a broad-based coalition to participate in the election to defeat the PPP, I will walk away from this column and join the election battle." -So says Freddie Kissoon in his Kaieteur News “essay” on January 24, 2010.

If Kissoon is going to be a candidate in next year's elections, Guyanese voters ought to know what kind of individual they will be voting for. So far we don't know if Freddie Kissoon will seek the position of President. All the same, here is the man in his own words, writing about himself, his family, his friends, his critics, President Jagdeo, the PPP, etc. All the quotes below are taken from Kissoon's voluminous writings in the Kaieteur News. The publication dates are in brackets:

  • "I have been married to the same woman for 31 years, raised a philosophically inclined 20-year-old daughter, never touched any form of alcohol, never used any type of tobacco, do not club, party or socialize and have done the market since I got married in the seventies; all the staff at Nigel’s Supermarket have come to know me very well." (9-27-09)
  • "I courted my wife for six months before we got married, and almost each day, in that period, we visited the seawall. This was in the seventies." (9-10-09)
  • "I have seen the Kissing Bridge." (10-13-09)
  • "It was only in 2006, I built a house. Prior to that I lived in my mother-in-law’s house on Hadfield Street, Wortmanville, one block from where I was born... My house is a very modest one that can hardly attract high taxes...There are two cars in the family...." (9-20-09)
  • "I have never been charged by the police...." (9-27-09)
  • "But yes, I was charged for stealing books from the National Library in 1970 ...." (10-18-09)
  • "I will give my life for the Velvet Revolution in Guyana right now." (9-19-09)
  • "I am not physically weak. I am not in the throes of illness." (10-11-09)
  • "Of course, the ailing Fidel couldn’t make it to Italy to be between (Oliver) Stone and (Hugo)
  • Chavez – he is struck down with colon cancer." (9-26-09)
  • "I always have my breakfast with the newspapers by my side...." (9-10-09)
  • "Over coffee on Saturday morning with Dale Andrews and Mark Benschop, I made the point ...." (1-12-10)
  • "After collecting my dinner at New Thriving, I went home and later that evening did my internet readings." (1-21-10)
  • "One day, Lincoln Lewis called me on the phone." (10-11-09)
  • "Friday afternoon, Mark Benschop asked me to accompany him outside the office of the Police Commissioner to protest police inaction in the Kwame Mc Koy tape. I knew in my heart I couldn’t refuse because Benschop would have been there alone." (10-5-09)
  • “By the way, I am very much in love with my wife and would never dare attempt to put her out.” (9-27-09)
  • "Pardon my poor German (Deutsch). I learnt a little bit of it under the tutelage of BoyoRamsaroop during my teen days." (10-9-09)
  • "I am donating $10,000 to the Haitian relief effort. That is a sum I can ill afford but it has to be done. I could have done better but last year, the Head of the GRA, Mr. Khurshid Sattaur asked me to pay property tax for each year going back eight years." (1-16-10)
  • "... Now Khurshid Sattaur, Head of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), has requested that for the past nine years I submit property tax ... My plan to buy a laptop has now been dashed – the money gone to Sattaur."(9-27-09)
  • "Speaking for myself, I have never been an organizational man and I will never be one. I don’t care how penetrating on the individual is the organization ethos. I will never be a creature of any organization and become silent about its faults. Period!" (12-3-09)
  • “...I know I have some philosophical anarchism in me; I do not think I can be part of a big machine that wields power and the government is indeed a huge receptacle of power." (1-24-10)
  • "When I was sixteen years old, I guess like most youths out of school in the Third World, I became attracted to communism. (7-9-08)
  • "Mr. Jagdeo has become the second monarch of the PPP after Mrs. Jagan. There is no confusion in this statement." (9-15-09)
  • "One day, after Mr. Jagdeo leaves the presidency, I will reveal the names of two close friends of Jagdeo who told me that he doesn’t listen ... Mr. Jagdeo is like Forbes Burnham." (9-29-09)
  • "I am still at a loss to find out why President Bharrat Jagdeo used the term 'sleaze-ball' to describe me at one of his press conferences." (9-27-09)
  • "I am not going to debate any spin doctor paid by the Office of the President to propagandize for the Guyana Government. Such exchanges will get nowhere." (11-5-09)
  • "This guy Randy Persaud is a funny fellow, I tell you." (10-9-09)
  • "I wouldn’t devote one single line to Joey Jagan. He doesn’t exist in Guyanese politics. He has no party membership, nor following. One can say the same for the political party of Ravi Dev, ROAR. I can’t remember what the acronym stands for ... More on Dev later." (9-9-09)
  • "I have ceased to reply to the letters of Annan Boodram of New York, who I feel, like Vishnu Bisram, has nothing to contribute to the attempts of good, patriotic Guyanese to find everlasting peace in Guyana by carving out a new political culture." (1-5-10)
  • "I hope Mr. Rohee knows what is commonsense and who has it, who hasn’t got it and who ought to have it." (9-4-09)
  • "Don’t ask me what President Jagdeo will do with Mr. Ramson ... Come to think of it, I know what President Jagdeo will do with Ramson. He will say don’t worry with that article of Freddie; Freddie is a sleaze ball." (8-30-09)
  • "The first time I met Dr. David Dabydeen was at a small party at Moses Nagamootoo’s house. I was the only one in the crowd that was not drinking. I hate alcohol, any form of it. I was bored so I asked Moses for chocolate. He brought out a box." (8-29-09)
  • "At the Pegasus on the occasion of Warwick University’s award of a honorary doctorate to YesuPersaud, in front of a number of guests, including the venerated Persaud, I refused to shake Dabydeen’s hands ... I have been critical of this sycophantic supporter of the PPP Government over the years." (12-4-09)
  • "The serpent is watching the PPP. It will bite the PPP, but the PPP believes that it can defeat the serpent." (9-23-09)
  • "Remember Tony Vieira and his unceasing attacks on me? Well, he abandoned Guyana and lives in a quiet town in New York where no one looks at him." (9-27-09)
  • "When it comes to the discussion forum on the Internet, it is the same group that operates the letter factory. " (10-6-09)
  • " Finally, I live on the Railway Embankment ...." (1-22-10)



  1. This is one funny article, I actually got a belly full laugh reading this, the day Freedie is to turn president everybody is going to run from this country, his comic articles has done enough already...whoever made this assumption to him is actually making him an mocking stalk, it one is to check out these quotes from his articles, it like a child writing a diary only thing here, he's married...if he going to be contesting in election too, then he Best friend Bencock and he gone fall out because they gone fight who is going president and prime minister, maybe some cat fight gone take place who knows . A set of lunatics...LOL

  2. Start putting aside dem ganda eggs, guys. When Freddie gon start speaking at election public meetings we gon want plenty rotten eggs to pelt pon he.

  3. LMFAO!
    Freddie considering Presidency, ha ha haaaaa.
    Is who fool up his stupid head and tell he that he can run? He along with the other stooges are not even fit to be public figures, he should consider chopping down them bush growing out from his veranda from the recently build tax house he owns now after living under his mother in law!

  4. Can somebody post a picture of Freddie's house? I want to see what it looks like.