Monday, January 11, 2010

Roger Khan bodyguard arrested for Waddell's murder!

Paul Rodrigues, former Policeman and bodyguard of now convicted drug dealer Roger Khan, along with another unnamed individual was arrested over the weekend as police have launched an investigation into the death of controversial talk-show host and PNC candidate Ronald Waddell in light of the revelations that emanated from the Robert Simels trail in New York. Rodrigues and the individual are both being detained at the Providence police station.

According to evidence given at the Simels trial Waddell was said to be the architect behind the buxton/agricola gang of bandits who were labeled 'Freedom Fighters' by himself and fellow activist/treason accused Mark Benschop and it was as a result of this he was ordered killed by Khan who waged a war on the 'Freedom Fighters' after they kidnapped his fellow drug associate, Bramanand 'Brammo' Nandalall. The 'Freedom Fighters' were said to be responsible for the death of hundreds of Guyanese, mainly of Indian ancestry and perceived to be supporters of the ruling party.


  1. Basically one can say that the nation was done a favour by whoever killed Waddell, because had he been alive Guyana would have probably been on the brim of an ethnic volcanic eruption. However this arrest will probably open a can of worms and more names will be called; names of senior opposition functionaries. Well done GPF!

  2. Think the word is trial and not trail...

  3. is time lloyd singh