Wednesday, January 27, 2010

AFC supporters voice concerns about merger issue raised by PNCR supporters.

Seon Downer

Despite public denials by both Raphael Trotman and Khemraj Ramjattan supporters of the AFC have voiced their concerns about hints of behind-the-scenes discussions aimed at merging the party with the PNCR in time for the impending local government elections and up-coming general elections in 2011.

Seon Downer says he has been a member of the AFC since it's initial formation in 2005, a former PNC member, he says he was inclined to join the AFC after Raphael Trotman parted ways with the party, and also that he was tired of the tactics of confrontation employed by the PNC. To this end, the latest revelations which surfaced after disgruntled PNCR supporters published an ad in the Kaieteur News in which they called for a finalization of merger talks between the two parties as an alternative to Corbin's poor leadership has caused him much discomfort. Added to his consternation is the fact that a level of coziness is seen by many to be developing between the leaders of both parties and their actions, in-actions and positions taken of recent are similar.

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  1. There are some who firmly believe that the AFC was fathered by the PNC and today that belief has manifested itself in many ways. First their collusion with known narco criminals and then their joint protests with their "forme" colleagues in the PNC. The Guyanese people have seen through this veil of deception it was just a matter of time before their supporters start seeing it.