Thursday, January 14, 2010

Photos from Haiti's Devastating Earthquake

Many survivors on Wednesday had nowhere to go but the streets of Port-au-Prince.

Bodies lie in the rubble of one of the thousands of Port-au-Prince buildings that collapsed.

Haiti Presidential Palace was severely damaged.

A person approaches a body lying in the rubble. Many people looked among the dead for family or friends

U.N. personnel check damage to the U.N. Headquarters in Port-au-Prince on Wednesday.

Injured people are evacuated yesterday.

An injured man carries his dead daughter.

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  1. This is just too overwhelming to look at such a sad situation for these people to take it all at once,lost of loved ones, injured people,lost of a homes and many other losses to this country because of this earthquake. People have to come together now and start helping in whatever little way they can, Guyana started by the initiative of president, other countries should come on broad and start helping out as soon as possible...