Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PNCR supporters launch 'Change the Leader Campaign"-Benschop among names being proposed to replace Corbin as party leader.

Disgruntled supporters of the main opposition party, PNCR have placed another full page ad this time in today's edition of the Kaieteur News calling for the replacement of its current leader, Robert Corbin, with either, Dr Richard Van West Charles, controversial former treason accused Mark Benschop, Aubrey Armstrong, Deborah Backer or Aubrey Norton.

In the ad the supporters continue to allege that Corbin has sold his supporters and party out to the PPP and proposes that a new, vibrant, dynamic and progressive leader be selected from amongst the names listed above . As a second option the group shockingly called for a finalization of merger talks between the PNCR and AFC and thirdly they suggested that the party and its members could remain docile and perish.


  1. What a mockery the PNC has turned out to be, the leading opposition party leading has given up hope with his party and now actually committing himself to PPP party, it such a pity he was not up to the challenge. But the main thing is, he made a move before it’s too late because the coming election he would have definitely lost again. Hail to the PPP!!!!

  2. This is a big laugh in ones face, vibrant leader for the list above, oh please!!! these are a set of lunatics and crooks that they have contended here. what a shame to hear the leader of opposition party concluded that the party and its supporters can remain docile and perish, now that is just harsh, people should start throwing stones at Corbin, they shouldn't let him get away that easy, or maybe he did it because is days are counted for his chronic health situation, let the supporters and the party be the judge...LOL