Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Who would want Benschop as Mayor of Georgetown?

Which right-minded Georgetown resident would want as Mayor of Georgetown Mark Benschop? How much more will we allow ourselves to suffer at the hands of this murderer and racist PNC ass-wiper who is no stranger to controversy and makes no effort to hide is support for criminals?

Benschop and Waddell were the architects of the infamous Andrew Douglas 'Freedom Fighter' tape recording in which the latter threatened to wreck havoc on Indo-Guyanese citizens and later did.
Benschop was also fingered in the slaying of local actor Joel Fraser who was reportedly having a relationship with Benschop's ex-wife Maria. He later fled the country after reports of his involvement surfaced. However police investigations came to a halt after they were unable to locate Benschop's former handyman known only as 'Buck man' who it was said killed Fraser on Benschop's order. We have learnt through our sources that Benschop only returned to Guyana after he was sure that any linkages as to his involvement in the murder were taken care of. Apparently 'Buck man' has no known relatives as he was taken in as a destitute by Benschop and reportedly hails from Lethem. It is being said that 'Buck man' was killed some time after he committed the act and buried on the Soesdyke Highway.

The Georgetown City Council is already riddled with corruption and Benschop becoming Mayor will only make if worse.


  1. Who ever brought on this assumption got to be out of there bloody mind, bugga battie Benschop for Mayor, this is man who should not be walking free, he is the one that caused most of the controversies in the country last year, burning a school, setting the high court on fire and other havocs at Brickdam Police Station....when he finishes he goes abroad telling people a set of lies about the government, I don’t understand why he still roaming like a free bird .....

  2. Look who is his accomplice, Waddell a criminal wanted by the police for how many donkey years, this proves even further that Benschop is wanted criminal was well. Now this shit stirring that they want Bencshop to be Mayor, they must have meant Mayor in buggering…big battie hole Bencock…

  3. Wonda if Bencock other bugga batty partna Freddie Kissman will be Deputy Mayor?

  4. One of the main instigators behind the mayhem which followed the 2003 jail break, Ronald Waddell was on the PNC’s list of candidates, one of the parties behind, currently attempting to wreck havoc in this country. Benschop was his comrade in arms. Further there were the Hamids fires, where an onlooker claimed he saw someone toss something into the building thereby causing it to ignite; Benschop's supporters who are also PNC lackeys are noted for such tactics.

  5. They say that mark taught of this while he was in jail but at that time from sources was when he was going mad.i don't think that no one in their right mind would allowed a man that to be mayor cause people to die when he and his friends try to storm office of the president.this man cant even run his so called foundation much less to run the city.

  6. Ohh boy, Benchop for mayor?
    Is suh we want Guyana become worst than $h!t?
    Benschop can't GT clean. Come on people be realistic, Benchop is well known for being amongst filth he doesn't fit the position of being Mayor.