Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Guyana Government pledges US$1M to help earthquake ravaged Haiti- I.D.B pledges US$200,000!

Bharrat Jagdeo: I was deeply shocked and saddened at the extent of the destruction caused by the catastrophic earthquake which devastated our sister nation of Haiti yesterday. The haunting images of bodies, injured persons and ruined buildings struck a chord of compassion throughout our nation for the people of Haiti.

Haiti as the poorest country in the western hemisphere is now severely challenged to cope with this tragedy. Haiti needs all countries, including the small developing countries to come to its aid urgently.

The Government of Guyana has pledged US$1 million to bring some relief to the people of Haiti.

I will be convening a meeting at 2.00 p.m. today with representatives of Political Parties and Non-Governmental Organisations to coordinate a national response to aid in the recovery effort.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Inter-American Development Bank said on Tuesday it would provide $200,000 in immediate emergency aid to help Haiti deal with the devastating earthquake.

IADB President Luis Moreno said in a statement the funds will be used to provide food, water, medicine and temporary shelter for victims of the massive quake. He said the development bank, which focuses on Latin America and the Caribbean, could tap more resources to help with Haiti's reconstruction.


  1. This is indeed a terrible situation, so many lives have been lost and destroyed. Its good to see that our Government has such compassion and love for others...

  2. This is just a live example to prove to us Guyanese that we are indeed a fortunate country. We don't experience these kind of tragedies, and we have to make sure that we don't, thats why the LCDS should be encouraged and shouldn't be left down.

  3. This is a real sad situation in Haiti at the moment, for a country which is trying its best in developing its economy to fall to this extent is just devastating, one can imagine the turmoil those people are in, looking for there loved ones,seeing them in pain or even finding them dead, its just sad... but this is the good will of our president, when people are in need he tries his best to assist them in whatever way he can, and to include the opposition parties to come together on this disaster just proves that he respects there views and work that they do and they should do the same too. I know those people in Haiti would be grateful for whatever little assistance to receive, so to all our brothers and sisters out there give a helping hand, it would mean so much to these people.

  4. This tragic situation has left many homeless,in pain etc and it good to see that the government of this country who are trying to push us forward comes out and give a helping hand to that country who at this time is in great depression.This goes to show that the government of Guyana is not only looking out for this country but others in time of grief and lost.