Saturday, January 9, 2010

AFC and PNC are one!

It matters not what name it is given or how many Guyanese of Indian ancestry are injected into the leadership, merely as tokens, the AFC is the PNC and the PNC is the AFC! Point Blank!

Evidence of this can be seen through observation of the level of camaraderie displayed between scrutineers observing the current 'Claims and Objections' period currently being carried out by GECOM.

At the Kingston Community High School the PNC Divisional Scrutineer remains in the sub-office whilst verifications of newly registered persons are being done at the homes of the registrants whilst her AFC colleague takes part in the field exercise and the information is shared between the two.

I am told that this is happening at most centers around the country. It's now wonder the AFC earned the nickname All For Corbin.

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  1. The AFC is the PNC is disguise, Trotman was a member of the PNC once but was said to be kicked out of the party for reasons only Corbin and Trotman knows...

    I would like to know those reasons and also why his the drug barons only run in this two particular parties?