Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why the fuss about Jagdeo not being at the PPP's Old Year's Night celebration?

A big fuss is being made in certain quarters about the President's non-attendance at the PPP's Old Years Night dance.

What the Stabroek News fails to make mention of the the fact that the President was scheduled to make appearances at many other places that same night, some of which included the GDF's Old Years Night ball, the GPF's also, various other church services and the Private Sector Commission's Old Year's Night celebration too.

If the President had chosen not to attend a few of these events just so he could've been at the PPP's own then the very Stabroek News would've taken him to task.

These folks fail to forget that we have long moved away from the days of paramountcy of the party.


  1. The President is free to attend any party he so desires, traditionally he has attended the GDF's Old Year's Night ball and the one at the Police Officer's Mess. His Non attendance at the PPP's party is a frivolous issue and nothing much should be red into it. The Instigators will want to jump on this but they are clutching onto straws here.

  2. Now the president is one person how can he be at two and three places at once so why fuss and make a big issue out of it well then he got to get a clone.