Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Janette Bulkan's services terminated by World Bank.

Janette Bulkan

The World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) has disbanded the Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) review teams for Suriname and Ghana and local forest expert Dr Janette Bulkan, who was a member of the panel reviewing Suri-name’s Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP), is among those whose services were terminated.

Bulkan’s inclusion on this team was criticised by the government and Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud had written to the head of the FCPF requesting her removal.

The decision to terminate the services of Bulkan was communicated to her via an e-mail sent on December 23 by Ken Andrasko of the World Bank’s Carbon Finance Unit. In the email, Andrasko said the FCPF was disbanding the Suriname and Ghana TAP review teams.

Meanwhile, following the decision by the FCPF, academic Dr Alissa Trotz and social activist Andaiye, International Coordinator of the Red Thread Women’s Organisa-tion, wrote to the World Bank requesting “an explanation for the decision taken by the World Babk to terminate the contract of Dr Janette Bulkan.” In their letter, which was addressed to Benoit Bosquet, the Senior Natural Resources Management Specialist at the World Bank, they said that the decision which was communicated in the end of December “appears to have been precipitated by the demand of the Govern-ment of Guyana that Dr Bulkan be removed from the roster of TAP experts on the ground of her alleged incompetence and lack of patriotism in relation to Guyana.”

Noting “Dr Bulkan’s stellar qualifications in the field of forestry” and “her extensive experience in issues related to forest management,” the duo enquired the reason behind the bank’s decision to terminate her contract.

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  1. Well this just serves her right, and the president has made a good move before its too late in getting rid of her along with these well establish organization. it sad to know people would completely forget where they come form all because they have gained some sort of recognized position, or should I say crookish business they may have convene in order to make them reach where they are. This woman just past her limit on the agenda of her job, our country sovereignty is priceless to have someone like her causing controversy...