Friday, January 15, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Venezuela struck by Earthquake

-Earthquake in Caracas, epicentre just south of the city.

Earthquake in Caracas.

Breaking news. The US Geological Survey says a powerful 5.3 preliminary earthquake has struck Caracas, Venezuela with a preliminary magnitude of 5.3 and an epicentre some 40 kilometers south of the Venezuelan capital.

Caracas, with a population of about 3 million lies some 900 meters above sea level. The 5.3 earthquake struck at 5.10 am in the morning, so most of the city would have been sleeping at the time of the Caracas quake.

Caracas CBD

Caracas is characterised by high density, with the city littred with iconic high rise buildings, many are occupied by homes.

According to the USGS web site the Caracas 5.3 quake struk at map coordinates 10.223°N, 66.882°W

That would centre the quke right under the town of Charallave in Venezuala, some 40 kilomets south of Caracas.

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