Thursday, January 28, 2010

Observer: Trotman and executive members of the PNC are having secret talks to merge the AFC and the PNC

AD says: Finalize merger talks between the PNCR and the AFC

- Trotman protests
- AFC members, supporters baffled

The Observer: An advertisement appearing in the Tuesday 26 January edition of Kaieteur News has initiated a campaign to oust Leader of the PNC, Mr. Robert Corbin, and replace him with one of five persons suggested by the nameless face/s behind the ad.

The names being advanced as fitting replacements of Mr. Corbin are Aubrey Armstrong, of the infamous Armstrong Commission; Deborah Backer, of the Globe Trust fiasco; Richard Van-West Charles, who enjoyed the fruits grown from the sweat of Guyanese under the rule of his father-in-law Burnham and then ran away during the hard years; and Mark Benschop and Aubrey Norton, two men who could never win Indian votes, nor the votes of rational Afro-Guyanese.

This is an obvious attempt to merge the membership of the PNC with the AFC, similar to the PNC’s merger with the United Force during the 1960’s, cognizant that the requisite trust for such a merger does not exist between Trotman and Corbin, with Ramjattan being a mere cipher in that party.

There has been tremendous infighting within the PNC ranks, especially as a result of Corbin’s recalcitrance, if not outright refusal, to countenance the terror-tactics, used so effectively by the past PNC leadership to cow the Indian community and make the security forces and the Government look so helpless to defend the nation against the marauding gangs.

Corbin was wise enough to realize that these tactics would lose him whatever Indian support the PNC has enjoyed in the past, as well as scare away potential members from other race groups.

However, the other candidates for PNC leadership may not have such compunction, because they come from the old PNC school where kick-down-the-door bandits, the Buxton and Agricola Gangs, the X-13 Plan, among such other devices, were used to cow a nation into subservience, and the current AFC leader was integral to the planning and implementation of these strategic moves to inhibit optimum development, even if they did not succeed in outright curtailment of implementation processes of nation-building programmes and exercises.

Thus the implication is obvious, that Trotman and executive members of the PNC are having secret talks to merge the AFC and the PNC, but only on condition that the leadership of the latter changes. The synonymous and spontaneous actions by the leadership of the two parties on issues of public interest are indicative of a common policy of joint cooperation on national issues. However, Trotman did not bargain for the negotiations to emerge into the public domain though the enthusiasm by the “Concerned PNC Members” who placed the advertisement, so he was caught with his pants down, unprepared for the pre-emptive disclosures in the advertisement.

At a press-briefing on Tuesday, Trotman attempted damage control by reportedly hinting at a possible merger between purported Indian-centric ROAR and Amerindian-supported GAP.

However, Ravi Dev and his ROAR Party have many times collaborated with Corbin in protest actions against Dr Jagan and the PPP, even while many of those protests resulted in innocent Indians being publicly attacked and Indian businesses being robbed and set aflame by the protestors, so where is the defining line between the PNC and all these third-force parties, when their leadership have all demonstrated by their actions that they are opportunistic egomaniacs who would use any strategy, and jump onto any bandwagon, it could give them a foothold in the corridors of power.

Methinks Trotman doth protest too much, even while the concerned PNC members have exposed his duplicity.

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