Thursday, January 21, 2010

GPHC responds to inaccuracies in Kaieteur News article.

The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation is compelled to respond to the article printed in today’s Thursday, January 21, 2010 edition of the Kaieteur Newspaper captioned “Mother blames hospital negligence for baby’s death” which was loaded with sensationalized materials and in Management’s view, aimed at only one purpose, further tarnishing the reputations of the dedicated and hardworking staff of the GPHC.

The Management of the GPHC is again disappointed and appalled with the reporting tactics undertaken by some reporters of this media house. The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Michael H. Khan was telephoned by one of Kaieteur News’ reporters sometime after 14:00h yesterday (Wednesday, January 20, 2010) for a comment on an issue which had not been reported to his Office or the Complaints Desk of the GPHC. Moreover, in accordance with the Corporation’s protocol, Mr. Khan explained that the matter would first be investigated before a comment can be made or a press release issued.

Nevertheless, the article was printed and GPHC was denied the courtesy of expressing its views concerning the matter. The statements made in the news article, it must be reiterated, were sensationalized and some even appear quite farfetched however, a pronouncement will not be made without following the procedure of carrying out a thorough investigation of the entire matter, a practice which seems to be uncustomary of this media house.

At this point, Management wishes to state that an investigation into the matter is ongoing and a release will be issued as soon as the results are available. Further, Management pleads with the media houses to afford the Corporation the opportunity to present its facts when allegations are made so as to allow for an unbiased report.


  1. That is all Kaieteur news good for, writing a set of lies and just defaming the people’s standard, until now the stupid ass owner of this media house can’t look into this matter that had been ongoing for as long as one can remember, the president should just shut this blasted place down for good.

  2. KN and there dumb fuck reporters cant do there blasted work, because all they can do is depend on other people stories and plagiarized wholesale from it and when they do write something it is all about condemning the people and the work that they do, people who work hard doing something meaningful for the people...something should be imposed on this particular newspaper penalizing them for what they wrongfully put in there shitty newspaper.

  3. Many people are suing Kaieteur News for this same nonsense, defaming people. CN Sharma has won a case against them for $12M. Contractor Ramoutar is suing them, Balwant Persaud, the Immigration Consultant is suing them for $30M and the list goes on.
    These people are just gutter rats pretending to be journalists, Freddie Kissoon, Glen Lall, Adam Harris, Dale Andrews et al.
    The paper should be closed.