Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some are more concerned about Janette Bulkan getting her job back than Suriname's claims to Guyana's territory.

Raphael Trotman

Alissa Trotz


It seems that folks are more interested in Janette Bulkan getting back her job as they are busy petitioning the World Bank for an explanation for the termination of her services instead of condemning the actions of Suriname as it relates to their publication and submitting of a map depicting parts of Guyana's territory as theirs.

These folks continue to make fools out of themselves as an official correspondence from FCPF secretariat clearly states that "Each round of TAP review of Readiness Preparation Idea Notes (R-PINs) and subsequent R-PPs over the past year and a half has utilized a different ad hoc TAP group of experts, depending on the expertise required for the mix of country submissions being reviewed" and as such, the entire review panel of which Bulkan was a part of was disbanded.

And as usual these political pawns found ready allies in the leaders of the AFC who were quick to jump on the bandwagon, but are yet to condemn Suriname for its actions.

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  1. When a nations' territorial sovereignty is sacrificed at the alter of politics then those politicians should cower themselves in shame. An issue as sensitive as this has made the headlines and the best that Trotman et al could come up with is Bulkan's termination, something has got to be wrong with these people, how can they aspire to govern this country?